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Listening to 4 Guys in a Trabi, Big in Iowa Live: Album Review, I was first reminded of Country, but I soon realized that it sounded a lot like rock music. The best description is that it is a mix blend. The lead singer, voice is way cool. The words are clearly spoken and the music has a sharp edge to it.

The band’s ability is awesome. It sounds like a mix of Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Country. It is a dynamic mix of drums, guitar and singing, the makes the listener more. I was anxiously waiting for the next song. It kept me listening.

After all, I would say that it’s a great album all around to keep around and listening, I played it while I was making dinner for my family. It blends slow and hard rock. It was a great album for a party atmosphere, as I played it for my friends during a party and everyone asked who was on the speakers.

What I didn’t know, was that this band was started over 50 years ago.

At the end of the day, this album is a must buy for anyone looking for good music, with a bunch of talented musicians.

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