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Archive for September, 2011

Top 5 Big in Iowa Songs for Friday Nights

Many country-rock music lovers know ‘Big in Iowa’ was an outgrowth of a chance encounter between musicians, Bob Burns and Ken Glidewell in an Ohio bar. In case you wonder how a band formed in Ohio got Iowa in it’s name, the answer appears to lie a couple generations before the 1990s. Bob Burns was [...]

Green Pop: Album Review

Green Pop was light-years ahead of what “Big in Iowa” had recorded in the past. It catapults the band into a different dimension. They now belong in the company of some top rock bands. In Europe the CD sold out in 2 weeks, and on tour the band sold out performances. If you love rock [...]

4 Guys in a Trabi, Big in Iowa Live: Album Review

Listening to 4 Guys in a Trabi, Big in Iowa Live: Album Review, I was first reminded of Country, but I soon realized that it sounded a lot like rock music. The best description is that it is a mix blend. The lead singer, voice is way cool. The words are clearly spoken and the [...]

Fun Facts about BII

Forget using your HughesNet Woodward Iowa to scour the web for information on Big in Iowawe’ve got all your band info right here! If you’re looking for some interesting facts about the best band no one’s ever heard of, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favoritesThe band’s best selling [...]