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Archive for October, 2010

Inside Geezil Pete

Through 14 tracks, the new look Big in Iowa true tries their best to add a fresh spin to the traditional band’s sound. While the nostalgia is certainly there and the general content will certainly bring back memories of the original line-up, Geezil Pete offers up a musical styling all of its own. What is [...]

Where are they now?

Formed in 1995, rising to prominence during the late 90′s, particularly in the Cincinnati area, Big in Iowa enjoyed not only local success but tours across Europe, surprisingly popular across the pond. Unfortunately, shortly after their return from the second Eurotrip, guitarist Rick House decided to leave the band to pursue more time with his [...]

Big in Iowa, found in Ohio

With a name like Big in Iowa, deductive reasoning may lead you to believe the band hails from the Hawkeye Heartland, however such a conclusion would land you a full two states west of where all 4 members call home, the humble town of Hamilton, Ohio.On the map, Hamilton isn’t much, boasting a modest population [...]